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Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable, previously Warner Cable Communications or Time Warner, is a telecommunications company that operates in 29 states and the second largest cable provider in the country. Time Warner Cable was formed in 1989 spun out from Time Warner in March 2009 as part of a restructuring. Time Warner has since made its priority to provide all of its customers and potential customers with the best possible cable tv, high speed internet and clearest digital phone service. Forget the unreliability of satellite television and trust the trust worthy connection of cable lines. And surf the internet at speeds faster than DSL with Time Warner Cable's Road Runner internet. Time Warner is ready to rpovide you with the best service available in your area.

TWC Acquisitions

Due to Time Warner Cable's success, they have been expanding their service area to include more customers with their high quality service. TWC first acquired Adlephia on July 31, 2006 expanding TWC's customer base by 3.3 million customers and more potential customers. To expand available features to TWC internet customers, they purchased NaviSite on February 1, 2011 offering cloud and hosting services. Finally, on February 29, 2012, TWC purchased Insight Communications acquiring 760,000 of Insight's customers.

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